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Piazza del Castello 16 - 35141 Padova


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Telefono : +39 0123 456 789

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In November 2012, Giuseppe Guarino, Luigi Gallimberti and the parent support association Genitori Attenti!, started the non-profit Novella Fronda Foundation in Padua, Northern Italy .

They shared an ardent wish to research the causes and mechanisms in the field of addiction, and perfect new treatments.....

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Starting date: November 9, 2012
Legal status: Non-profit organization ONLUS
Italian VAT number: 92251880289
Legal representative: Luigi Gallimberti
Registered office and operative headquarters: Piazza Castello 16, 35141, Padua, Italy
Other offices: Via Milazzo, 10 C, 35141 Padua, Italy; Via Bassini, 26, 20133 Milan, Italy