Dove siamo:

Piazza del Castello 16 - 35141 Padova


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Telefono : +39 0123 456 789

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Our mission

We join clinical treatment, prevention and scientific research to promote brain health


Our aim and mission is to promote knowledge and offer treatment through recognized scientific research of some of the most widespread brain diseases affecting today’s world population.

Children and adolescents
cognitive impairment, substance use/addiction (alcohol, tobacco, hashish, cocaine and other) and behavioral addiction (tech addiction “digital heroin”, such as computer, smartphone, videogame and others).

Substance and behavioral addictions (tech addiction, gambling, porn and others).


Starting date: November 9, 2012
Legal status: Non-profit organization ONLUS
Italian VAT number: 92251880289
Legal representative: Luigi Gallimberti
Registered office and operative headquarters: Piazza Castello 16, 35141, Padua, Italy
Other offices: Via Milazzo, 10 C, 35141 Padua, Italy; Via Bassini, 26, 20133 Milan, Italy